The Best Reason South Bend Should Become Famous

Image via Fogtown Neighborhood

It’s a stroke of luck when your small city has national exposure because a hometown guy becomes a plausible Presidential candidate.

But frankly I’d rather we became famous for a different reason: let’s be the community that finally figured out how to…

What Does a Healthy Downtown Look Like?

This post is about defining a town’s success in terms of its small businesses and their ability to start up and then thrive. Specifically, it’s asking: how many local families is this downtown supporting? Is that number growing or declining?

It is also…

Polish crowd celebrating anniversary of Solidarity movement.

Solidarity Hall was born out of a post-2008 yearning to find a third way, some vision of social and civil reconstruction which could lead us out of the mental and literal prisons of past systems.

Our watchword was a mix of the wisdom of the elders and a newfound radicalism, that of Dorothy Day, E.F. Schumacher, Wendell Berry, Cornel West, Rebecca Solnit, and many others.

Elias Crim

Civic entrepreneur

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